Florida Students Achieve

Life is full of choices, particularly in the area of education. To parents wanting the best for the unique needs of their children, making an informed educational decision can very quickly  become an overwhelming task.

Enter Florida Students Achieve.

Florida Students Achieve is a website made specifically for Florida families in search of answers to questions about school choice, Florida standards, and scholarships, to name a few. As an educator and a mom, I find this website to be incredibly resourceful. In exploring each area, I found myself saying, “I didn’t know that!” or “I wish my students’ parents knew this!”

How much do you know about Florida’s educational options? You can do a quick self-check by asking yourself the following questions:

Did You Know…?

  • Florida offers five different school choice options for parents to be able to make the best choice in schooling for their child?
  • 25% of students in Florida attend schools outside of their designated zones?
  • You can make side-by-side comparisons of schools in your district based on school grade, scores on different content areas, and learning gains?
  • There is a difference between standards and curriculum and that you can quickly search for the specific standards your child is expected to master each year?
  • Florida has four scholarship options that can be used to supplement educational expenses, including tuition at a private school?
  • In the 2017-2018 school year, district zoning boundaries will be removed and parents can send their children to any school they wish, as long as that school has room to accommodate them?
  • Florida’s 2+2 program helps to decrease the cost of higher education without compromising on quality?

Another bonus is that Florida Students Achieve breaks down commonly used educational jargon into understandable explanations with resources to use for deeper understanding. If you haven’t done so already, take a few minutes to see how Florida Students Achieve can help with understanding your child’s journey through Florida education system.

Header Image Photo Credit – Caroline Maxcy Photography


2 thoughts on “Florida Students Achieve

  1. Christopher Carlyle says:

    There are online options such as Florida Virtual School too. It’s a public school / homeschooling option for students living in Florida.


    • Jessica Solano - 2017 Florida Teacher of the Year says:

      Absolutely! Florida Students Achieve has a great section of their website that explains how it works and has resources for more information. Thanks for mentioning it!


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