Everyone is a “math person.” You just may not know it yet! Help your child (and yourself) embrace how much fun math can be by finding math in everyday situations!


 Family Game Night Meets #MathMoment

Card games are more than fun family pastimes. They can easily be turned into a math-infused conversation and a chance to sharpen key mathematical skills!

pipe music Solve Like a Blue Man

Take a look at how some of the Blue Man Group Fun Facts can spark a #MathMoment conversation with your students or with your own children. Let the fun begin!

glass tower

Balancing the Glass Half Full

While eating lunch at a Tampa bistro, I found myself drawn into what could have been a cup catastrophe. Impromptu moments like this are perfect for getting your kids (and yourself) talking about math.


Sizing Up the Globetrotters

The Harlem Globetrotters even know how to make math larger than life! Here’s some insight on how to keep your eyes peeled for the Math Moments that are all around us.


Love Math Like You Love Chocolate

Give your child some brain food, in addition to those sweet little chocolately-morsels! Here are some #MathMoments aligned to K-6 Florida Standards that you can use at home or at school to help your children love math.


Putting Math in the Game

Looking for a way to work in a #MathMoment during the Superbowl this weekend? Take a look at these ideas that can use your family’s passion for football to create an interactive, real-world math conversation!


Math at the Aquarium

#MathMoments are everywhere, even at the aquarium! Check out how you can use a family outing to spark some math talk.

 stickynotebackgroundSticky Note Math

Change “Are we there yet?” into a #MathMoment by using everyday objects to spark math-rich conversations!

5-tree$5 Christmas Tree

See how to turn a typical holiday shopping trip can turn into a chance to strengthen your child’s calculation skills!

Header Image Photo Credit: Caroline Maxcy Photography


5 thoughts on “#MathMoments

  1. Jackie says:

    I just saw a Math Moment on the news regarding an Electrical Power Update for DeSoto County:
    Total customers: 16,600
    Customers out: 2,350 14%
    Customers on: 14,250 86%

    I will leave part of data out, and ask students to solve for the unknown.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica Solano - 2017 Florida Teacher of the Year says:

      I love it! Great way to bring in current events in the real world into the math classroom! Thanks for sharing!


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