Citrus County

Classroom visit with 2017 Citrus County Teacher of the Year, Terri Ryan


As much as I love visiting classrooms, I get especially excited when I get to visit a third grade math classroom. It makes me feel like I’m back at home with my students. I had the pleasure of watching third graders grapple with two-step word problems, a particularly tricky skill, and justify their thinking to the class. Their teacher, Terri Ryan from Citrus Springs Elementary School, has been selected as the Citrus County School District‘s Teacher of the Year and was proud to put her students’ efforts on display for myself and other district leaders. It was incredibly encouraging to see so many individuals from Citrus County School District come to support Terri during my quick visit to her class. The students in her class are proud to call Terri their teacher, just as Citrus County is proud to call her their teacher of the year.