Hardee County

Wauchula Elementary Schoolwide Math PD 


Teachers from grades K-5 at Wauchula Elementary School took 90 minutes out of their day to take on the role of the math student submerged in a student-driven lesson. Infographics from NHTSA helped provide inspiration into comparing two-digit numbers (K – 1st grade), comparing fractions (2nd – 3rd grade), and adding fractions with unlike denominators (4th – 5th grade).

Wauchula Elementary: Math PD


Math professional development took on a new meaning when teachers were able to see a modeled 5E math lesson modeled to some of their own students. After seeing the power behind student-driven math lessons and the questioning techniques used to engage all learners, teachers at Wauchula Elementary School were eager to learn how they could start trying 5E lesson in their math classes right away!


Hardee County Inservice Day


A group of about 300 teachers, administrators, and district personnel gathered together for a 2-hour Growth Mindset workshop in Hardee County. I loved hearing all of the ah-ha moments from the audience, specifically from one teacher who spoke about challenging her students to view themselves differently by asking, “Who’s going to be my miracle?”