Palm Beach County

Classroom visit with 2017 Palm Beach County Teacher of the Year, Evangeline Aguirre


Students in Evangeline Aguirre‘s ESOL ELA and intensive reading classes at Palm Beach Central High School come from a wide variety of backgrounds. They find acceptance in Evangeline’s classroom when they are encouraged to embrace their heritage while acquiring the English language. Hearing students present in front of the class about relevant social issues plaguing their home countries is commonplace. They feel safe in an environment where mistakes are expected and progress is evident.

Elbridge Gale Elementary – Growth Mindset/Technology PD


It is so exciting to walk onto a school campus that has already hit the ground running with Growth Mindset! Teachers at Elbridge Gale Elementary are eager to learn more about practical ways to expose their students to Growth Mindset as well as ways to use technology effectively in the classroom. Through a hybrid version of the Growth Mindset and Technology presentations, teachers were able to get a 2-for-1 special and engage in two different types of learning experiences – all the while with students at the focus!