Pasco County

HOPE Ranch Learning Academy


HOPE Ranch Learning Academy embraced Growth Mindset during their teacher preparation week before the 2016-2017 school year. The staff at the school provide a unique classroom environment for children with varying disabilities, believing that their abilities can grow and that their future is bright!

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education – Saint Leo University


What an honor to speak to future educators at the Kappa Delta Pi Initiation Ceremony! Their passion for their future in education was so exciting to witness!


Classroom Visit with 2017 Pasco County Teacher of the Year, Robert Patterson


Elementary teachers know the power of allowing your students to have free reign to use the classroom as their learning environment, even if that means working on the floor. Students in Robert Patterson’s 5th grade class at Veteran’s Elementary School tested and retested their hypotheses by measuring the distance a toy car traveled on various materials. The lesson on friction collided with math and allowed for a cohesive conversation of both elements in small groups. It’s also clear to see the relationships Patterson has with his students through the verbal and written feedback he gives. He models how to be a learner and creates a risk-free environment for his students to learn to their fullest potential.