Polk County

Celebrity Lip Sync Battle


Local celebrities put their pride on the line for the sake of education in Winter Haven’s Celebrity Lip Sync Battle! Carefully choreographed routines paired with passionate lip sync renditions to create an evening of laughter and excitement, resulting in thousands of dollars raised for Cypress Junction Montessori and Winter Haven Public Education Partnership.

Leadership Lakeland


The community members of Leadership Lakeland devoted an entire day to getting a first-hand look at Polk’s classrooms. I was able to model a lesson for this group, allowing them to see how drastically teaching has changed since their elementary school days; a change that, many agreed, would better prepare our children for the real-world challenges they would soon be facing in the workforce.


Polk Teacher of the Year Ceremony


I had the privilege of passing the title and honor of being selected as Polk County’s Teacher of the Year to the wonderful Mrs. Lori Horn Diaz, a gifted teacher at R. Bruce Wagner in Lakeland, Florida. Lori passionately believes that each student is capable of reaching new heights, an idea she illustrates daily through her hot air balloon classroom theme.


Celebrate Literacy Week with Florida’s First Lady, Ann Scott


The sound of students giggling at the silly conversations read aloud from a children’s book is music to any teacher’s ear. But to see our very own Florida First Lady, Ann Scott, read aloud a book to Polk’s students was even more touching!

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Loughman Oaks Elementary – Math PD 


I always love getting the chance to speak in my home district, even more so at a school with one of my former assistant principals. After modeling math lessons in 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade classrooms, I was able to debrief with the Loughman Oaks teachers on what makes student-driven learning so powerful.


Berkley Charter – Math PD


What’s even better than challenging a group of 3rd grades to find the area of a rectilinear figure? Getting to model that lesson in one of my best friend’s class! Math was put to practical work as students at Berkley Elementary School problem solved to figure out the area of an odd shaped room from a bed and breakfast floor plan. Thanks for the inspiration Oak Park Inn in Arcadia, FL!