St. John’s County

Wild About Math! – St. John’s Elementary Math Conference


I love getting the chance to be a part of conferences led by teachers! I always walk away with some nuggets of wisdom and actionable ideas to implement in my classroom. During the Wild About Math Conference, I was able to enjoy a breakout session held by the 2017 St. John’s County Teacher of the Year, Dana Kelly, on 3 Act Tasks. The student videos of actual classroom footage were eye opening for many on the potential that our students have when we refuse to allow ourselves to interrupt the struggle.

Classroom visit with 2017 St. Johns County Teacher of the Year, Dana Kelly


When’s the last time you heard first graders say they wanted to be world changers? The students in Dana Kelly‘s class at Cunningham Creek Elementary are determined to change the world using their reading, writing, and math skills. The energy in the classroom is intoxicating – students are hungry to learn more, to get their hands on new concepts, and to brainstorm how they can continue to make an impact on their community. After being serenaded alongside Laurie Zentz, Florida Teacher of the Year Finalist, to the song Gold by Brit Nicole, I was able to see students engaging in a 3 Act Task by Graham Fletcher during my visit. I loved hearing a student shout, “This is gonna be hard!” with a smile stretched across his face. This is what today’s math classroom looks and feels like!